Neurogenic Bladder

What is a neurogenic bladder?

When your bladder does not function properly due to neurological reasons it is referred to as a neurogenic bladder. In general, a neurogenic bladder can be the result of an issue within the central nervous system or an issue with the nerves within the bladder itself. Symptoms of a neurogenic bladder are extremely variable and include incontinence (leaking), urinary retention, urinary urgency, and frequency.


In order to diagnose a neurogenic bladder an urologist may perform bladder and neurological tests. An urodynamic study, which involves testing the storage and emptying function of the bladder, as well as the evaluation of the nerve conduction during these processes will be performed. The urologist will also perform a cystoscopy to completely evaluate the anatomy of the bladder and urethra.


Treatment is individualized for each patient based upon their complete evaluation.